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Vice Chairman Message

Hitesh Gandhi


Dear parents and students

Kc group of institute encompasses vibrant, modern learning community with quality teaching, an excellent reputation for applicable academics and state of the art facilities, plus outstanding student’s reports.

The KCGI has long and well established legacy of providing high quality education. It is all about pursuing academic excellence, value based education and providing a conducive environment for all personality development of students. The academic programs offered by KCGI are comprehensive and are continuously being updated to keep pace with latest developments and innovations and associated disciplines with necessary blend of technology. We have a perfect blend of academic, undying spirit, team leadership and dynamic environment to motivate our faculty and staff and students to deliver their best. We have very competent and core faculty team.

Our objective is to create a class of qualified, innovative and dynamic professionals. We are committed to provide leadership and support for student and help them in their professional development. In the last decade we had inspired individuals to believe in their ability and become more than what they excepted to be. We welcome you to kc group institutes and assure you that education would be as enterprising experience as you except. Kc group of institute recognizes the value of combining theory and performance. KCGI provides a rigorous education blending liberal arts and professional programs of study. Learning at KCGI extends beyond the classroom encompassing a broad range of professional and extracurricular opportunities.

We inspire our students to learn and to develop in all aspects: intellectually, physically and emotionally. We inspire students to continue learning throughout life following the kaizen approach. We prepare and empower students to be successful by helping them develop knowledge , skills and abilities needed to enter or progress in work force and to adapt and thrive in our increasingly diverse world.

Wishing you all the best.