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Happiness Club


KC Group has set up a Happiness Club on its Campus to focus on personal happiness, and turning out students who will give back to the world in a positive way. The Cell has well designed, inspiring and enthralling rooms with motivational slogans, colorful objects and walls fastened with charismatic styles and doodles. The atmosphere is swamped with light and musical vibes. 


Positivity Unfolded is a selfless initiative that believes in giving students a reason to smile and feel positive. The happiness club of KC College under IQAC aims at spreading positivity and happiness everywhere. Happiness: Can it be defined or put into a few words? Of course not! It is something that can be felt; an emotion that everyone is hankering after. In fact, the ultimate goal of every person on this planet is to be HAPPY! Amidst the ravaging pandemic, hectic schedule of classes, assignments and the infinite chaos of life, something that makes you pause and ponder; cheer life, that is Ullaas

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the inner lights.” With Ullaas, we aim at making the college campus a more emboldened and positive space for students, so that they feel elated and confident. In Ullas, the focus is entirely on searching the ways and means to make the students happier and build an environment that is surrounded with positivity and happiness. We aspire to create a happy space where students feel free to express their feelings; be mindful as well as calm and find happiness in all the little things around them.

This platform also tries to bring in a reason for everyone to smile and leave behind their stresses and tensions and also help them to build resilience to manage the stressful situations. The activities conducted include flash mobs, open house discussions, sharing personal experiences, getting answers to unanswered questions, dance sessions, games, activities, sharing stories, nukkad natak, drama joke sessions to name a few.Ullaas will render an ultimate experience and aims at adding meaning to life and give direction to the directionless. Come and join Ullaas and help in making the college: A Happy Experience






Dr. Kuljinder Kaur

Principal KCCE


Ms. Akansha Thakur

Assistant Professor KCCEIT


Ms. Nisha

Assistant Professor KCCP




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