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STC on Innovative Techniques of organic Farming and Permaculture at KCGRPI, Pandoga

When farmers are demanded to produce items that will meet particular and unattainable demands, they use more chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc. in order to make their product match these demands so that they sell more of their harvested produce. This contributes to the issues of environmental pollution and other related issues. Sustainability in agriculture requires us to find methods of farming that will continue on in a regenerative cycle that is beneficial to the environment and to people as well. Organic farming is a holistic approach to integrated farming that produces food and meat without using conventional fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, growth hormones, chemicals or genetically modified organisms. Organic farming strives for sustainability, ensures crops which do not have any harmful residues, and enterprises methods which are sustainable and maintain harmony with nature.  So to meet this objective, KC Group of Research and Professional Institutes, Pandoga Una (HP) in collaboration with NITTTR Chandigarh successfully organized an online STC on Innovative Techniques of organic Farming and Permaculture from 28th March 2022 to 1st April 2022. All Faculty members from different colleges of KCGI, Pandoga participated in this STC.